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10 Yerba Mates You Should Know About

Like wine, yerba mate tea ranges from simple to complex. Materos, yerba mate connoisseurs, enjoy discussing the many flavors, personalities, and nuances of this ancient holly plant from South America. Below the video, you’ll find markers for each brand discussed, where you can easily jump to any segment in the video.

1.25 mins — Kraus Organic Yerba Mate

Simple. Clean. Organic.
Crisp and clean taste.
Light body.

3.25 — Ximango Yerba Mate

Traditional Brazilian Chimarrão Erva Mate.
Grassy and fresh.
Creamy and nutty.
High powder.
Medium body.

7.30 – Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate

Earthy and light smoke.
Mild sweet tones.
Medium to full body.

12.15 – Canarias Yerba Mate

Rich and dense.
Bold and pungent.
Light smoke.
Full body.

15.07 – La Merced Organic

Good beginner’s mate.
Soft and mellow.
Citrus notes.
Light body.

19.26 – Rosamonte Yerba Mate

Smoky and astringent.
Has a bite.
Deep, rich complex flavors.
Full body.

24.39 – Cbsé Energia Yerba Mate

Natural energy boost.
Pre-workout enhancer.

27.53 – Pajarito Yerba Mate and Tereré (cold mate)

Complex, intense flavors.
Smoke. Sour. Cherry. Fruity.
Good for cold yerba mate (tereré mate).
Medium body.

31.37 – Taragui Yerba Mate

Astringent and bold.
Energy booster.
Popular Argentine brand.
Full body.

36.47 – Nobleza Gaucha Yerba Mate

Butter smooth and creamy.
Bread. Oats. Dough.
Clean and simple.
Light sweetness.
Light body.

38.40 – Selecta Yerba Mate

Well balanced flavors.
Light smoke and tobacco.
Fruity and sour.
Works well cold.
Medium to full body.

45 and beyond — Open Yerba Mate Discussion

More interesting yerba mate brands.
Yerba mate history.
Yerba mate health benefits.
Sweet vs Bitter yerba mate.
Personal preferences.

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