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About Us

We started Yerba Mate Land to provide a large selection of yerba mate brands and products. With offices in New York and Buenos Aires, Argentina, we are an international company of yerba mate lovers, or better known as, Materos.

We think of yerba mate in the same class as a fine wine, whisky, or cheese. No other tea in the world has such depth of flavor, character, healing abilities, and the magic to bring people together.

Dave “Mate” Askaripour, a co-founder, started providing the best organic yerba mate with Circle of Drink and successfully created a global yerba mate community over the past 5 years, since he begun living in Argentina (for 3 years) and becoming one of America’s first Yerba Mate Experts.

In 2012 came Mateology, the first yerba mate book published by a North American. The book helped to expand important information on yerba mate history, culture, and philosophy.

Yerba Mate Land pays homage to the wide selection of yerba mate brands and products available. From Argentina and Paraguay to Brazil and Uruguay, there are hundreds of yerba mate brands, many of which offer distinct cuts, flavors, and bodies. Like wine, we think everyone should try several brands of yerba mate to experience the wide variety of this sacred tea.

We are excited to share some of the best yerba mate with you. We breathe and live yerba mate and will always provide you the best possible service.

Yerba Mate is truly The Holy Holly Herb!

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