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Aguantadora Yerba Mate Review

Aguantadora Yerba Mate Tea ©Circle of Drink Inc. 2016

Origin: Monte Carlo, Misiones, Argentina – Lot 341
Producer: Cooperativa Agricola Mixta de Monte Carlo LTDA
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Light
Cycle: Short
Aged: 18 months
Grown: Conventional

Founded 86 years ago, now with an eclectic assortment of products — a supermarket, flour, gas station, timber, and, believe it or not, security systems business — this co-op produces a respectable yerba mate. Nothing surprises me these days.

The best way to describe Aguantadora Traditional is to group it into a category of soft, light, Classical Argentine mates. Brands such as Piporé Traditional, Nobleza Gaucha, Amanda and La Hoja.

Keeping in mind that many Argentine brands come from the same source, standing side-by-side on the shelves, admittedly, it isn’t always easy to clearly distinguish what’s really going on in the market, making my journey to taste and classify the region’s mate more of a maze than clear path…something to be expected as the yerba mate, albeit an old market, is still in its infancy stages as it reenters the world market.

Notwithstanding Aguantadora’s somewhat cookie-cutter, chalky taste profile, it does have a pleasant buttery mouthfeel with a clear and crisp minerality and just enough floral brightness to have something to say. This simple brand is soft, friendly and easy enough for any mate drinker to sip back. Good structure and balance compensate for a rapidly short cycle.

On the nose there’s this brine-y, sandy, wet seashells fragrance going on, with whispers of citrusy lemon, lemon myrtle, and a kiss of Paraguayan sourness.

Aged for 18 month, most of the astringency and bite of this mate is muted. What’s left is a safe, no-frills yerba that’s good alone as well as perfectly suited to drink cold and/or with tangy fruits. The aging removed the bite, but added broad layers of subtitles and nuances: oak, chalk, minerals, citrus and woody elements.

Aguantadora Yerba Mate Tea ©Circle of Drink Inc. 2016

Aguantadora Yerba Mate Tea ©Circle of Drink Inc. 2016