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Amanda Yerba Mate Review

Amanda yerba mate reviewOrigin: Santa María, Misiones, Argentina – Lot 280.
Producer: La Cachuera S.A.
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Light/medium
Cycle: Short/medium
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Conventional

Consistent as a Trappist Monk. As boring as a cardboard box. As reliable as the sun. Yes, Amanda won’t let you down but she also won’t surprise you. And and I quite like that about her. Refreshingly honest. She’s one of the most consistent tasting mates I’ve experienced to date. Not as robust as traditional Gaucho mate and not as sharp as many Argentine brands, Amanda sits pretty squarely between the two worlds.

Faintly sweet and soft aromas. Some Bisquick®. Mostly a neutral and airy nose. Like the body, nothing much to speak about here.

Though I’m somewhat underwhelmed by this mates monochromatic personality, there’s also this uncomplicated, rustic simplicity that grows on me after each cycle. Something primal and elementary. Flavors of chalky minerals and subtle nutty undertones add a level of sophistication. Sure, it’s one dimensional but it’s also straightforward and manageable, which, in itself, is a royal quality.

Amanda has placed their farms within a living ecosystem, where the native flora and fauna are able to influence the plants. Measures are taken to reduce the use of harmful pesticides, and in most cases, organic fertilizers are used over conventional ones.

This growing philosophy is expressed through the taste of this brand. There are no frills and funky dance moves here, which surely can be fun to explore with other brands. But this brand clearly isn’t trying to replicate another. It is what it is. Nada mas.

For new Materos excited to taste the depths and movements of an Argentine mate, this brand isn’t recommended. For a seasoned Matero who has already had fun with the likes of those unruly Paraguayan mates and the muscular Gaucho mates from Brazil, this is a good centering mate to bring you back to Middle Earth.

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