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Andresito Yerba Mate Review

Andresito Yerba Mate Tea ©circle of drink inc. 2016Origin: Andresito, Misiones, Argentina – Lot 341
Producer: Cooperativa Yerbatera Andresito LTDA
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Dry Light/Medium
Cycle: Short
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Conventional

Intermingling terroirs of crispy-green Argentine and tobacco-y Paraguayan yerba, Andresito is complex and dry, with multiple layers of flavors. Lightly floral with apricots, melons, cherries, and raspberries contrasting with stout-y raw cacao, dark chocolate, clay, and rich earth.

There’s a smoothness between the sharp herbaceous notes and the bolder, maltier body, influenced by the farm’s proximity to Brazilian soil. The character lies somewhere between Canarias, La Rubia, and Piporé.

There’s a lot going on here: light smoke effervescence, a tinge of sourness, riesling-like dry sweetness, soft tobacco, and a congealing mouthfeel that brings everything together quite nicely.

Raspberry chocolate filing oozing from a candy, playdough, sourdough bread, yeast, toasty, oak, and oats on the aroma.

In July 2016, while in Misiones, Northern Argentina, talking amongst Materos at a local hostel, Andresito was clearly a local favorite. “Strong” was the common identifier. Looking back, I’d agree. It’s strong, but nothing too crazy. Strong, sound and well crafted.

Andresito yerba mate tea ©circle of drink inc. 2016

Andresito Yerba Mate Tea © Circle of Drink Inc. 2016

Andresito yerba mate  ©circle of drink inc. 2016