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Cachamate Hierbas Serranas Yerba Mate Review

cachamate yerba mateOrigin: Santa Fe, Argentina
Producer: Cachay S.A.
Cut: Classical Argentine Blend
Body: Light
Cycle: Short
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Conventional
Ingredients: yerba mate, pennyroyal, spearmint, peppermint, flavoring.

Think about that distinct sournesses that comes from over-brewed green tea. And drinking lukewarm water with a peppermint in your mouth. And throw in some hints of lemon verbena, citrus, floral notes. Cachamate Hierbas Serranas isn’t exactly an elegant blend. It’s a rustic, barnyard, crude mixture of Argentina’s hierbas serranas, mountain herbs: pennyroyal, mint, and, of course, yerba mate.

cachamate hierbas serranas

This brand, along with CBSé, are both minty blends. But thinking mint, I expect bright, crisp, and lively flavors. Quite the opposite with Hierbas Serranas. There’s no clarity and sophistication to be found in what you’d want from a minty mate—no refreshing factor. With a checkered flavor profile that leaves a lingering finish of spent gum, I’ve yet to be sold on most of Argentina’s minty varieties.

Elements of rich minerals, hay, wood, and clay are found, making for an interesting contrast to the bold and rough peppermint body. Interestingly, this mate sips better outside in the sun and wind, where Nature seems to harmonize its flaws.