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Cachamate Mixed Herbs Yerba Mate Review

Cachamate Mixed Herbs Yerba Mate Review - ©Circle of Drink Inc 2018Origin: Santa Fe, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Cachay S.A.
Type: Argentine Blend
Cut: Blend
Body: Light
Cycle: Very Short
Aged: Accelerated
Grown: Conventional
Ingredients: yerba mate, pennyroyal, Inca tea, chamomile, fennel, coriander, mint.

What stands out immediately is the cohesiveness of this blend, clean and clear from natural flavoring. Soft chamomile effortlessly flows with snappy mint, spruced up with tangy licorice and coriander.

You can’t help but think of this blend as healing and medicinally rich. Heck, it even smells a bit like Vix vapor rub, save the icy burning sensation on your skin! Mild citrus and light caramel add a pleasant ethereal layer, exuding a minimal, comforting fragrance.

Cachamate Mixed Herbs Yerba Mate Review - ©Circle of Drink Inc 2018

As with the other Cachamates, the cut is replete with stems and unruly herbs of all shapes and sizes, creating an eclectic, choppy composition with a rustic verve.

No doubt, this is my favorite within the series. It’s the most honest and true — nothing extravagant, no added natural flavors, not too minty, not too soft, not heavy on the caffeine. It’s a simple relaxing blend that says: less is more.

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