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Cachamate SiluetPlus Yerba Mate Review

Cachamate SiluetPlus Yerba Mate Review – ©Circle of Drink 2018Origin: Santa Fe, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Cachay S.A.
Cut: Argentine Blend
Type: Medicinal Blend
Body: Light / medium
Cycle: Short
Aged: Accelerated
Grown: Conventional
Ingredients: yerba mate, pennyroyal, green tea, lemon verbena, bladderwrack, bitter orange peel, coriander, powdered mint.

First, a caveat. There’s a distinction between medicinal blends and flavorful blends, designed primarily for good taste. What we abundantly have on the tea market today are blends heavily laden with artificial flavoring combined with naturally sweet fruit-based herbs.

Fine, it is what it is. There’s room for that, particularly as we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for medical-rich blends that are more focused on healing properties. The thing to remember, it’s an art to find the balance between health and flavor when it comes to blending. It doesn’t need to be one or the other. A balance, if desired by the blender, may be achieved with a sharp understanding of flavors, herbalist knowledge, and, most important, a deep respect for Nature.

Cachamate SiluetPlus Yerba Mate Review – ©Circle of Drink 2018

I was quickly annoyed after a few sips of this blend— the blatant and obvious redundancy between this blend and Cachamate’s other varieties such as Hierbas Serranas and Mixed Herbs. The flavor profile is quickly lost in a sea of sameness, lacking distinguishing features from its sibling blends. Mind you, I’m speaking of flavor.

With a muddled flavor profile rich with bitter orange notes encapsulated in a earthy green cocoon, no clarity is achieved. The mint adds a touch of much needed levity, but falls short of unifying the flavor profile.

The addition of green tea and bladderwrack is the cornerstone of the medicinal blend. These herbs have been shown to aid digestion, enhance metabolism, increase good cholesterol and potentially fight obesity. What is clearly lost in character is made up in potential health properties, primarily weight management; hence, the term “Siluet” pertaining to a woman’s thin figure.

If taste isn’t too much of a concern and losing weight is your goal, then SiluetPlus makes sense.