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Canarias (Serena) Yerba Mate Review

Canarias Serena Uruguayan Yerba Mate

Origin: Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sol (RS), Brazil
Type: Gaucho
Producer: Canarias S.A.
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Known for dusty and dank mate, Rio Grande do Sol of Brazil is the land entrusted to grow the finest yerba mate for the insatiable Uruguayan appetite. Per capita, no other country represents such a dense concentration of mate drinkers. Spend one day in the quaint Colonia or bustling Montevideo, two important cities in Uruguay, and you’ll see more thermoses, gourds, and bombillas in active use than anywhere else you’ll find Materos.Talk about mate, fanatics!

Canarias Serena slowly serenades you into a calm and meditative repose. Incorporating soothing and mellowing herbs — passionflower, peppermint, and linden flower — this is the little sister of Canarias Traditional.

Soft spoken and light-bodied, a gaucho mate that’s more cowgirl than cowboy. And that’s fine. A pleasant departure from the heavier and more robust Traditional variety. Whispers of sweet lemons and tangy citrus candy are gently floating across an earthy, herbaceous, and nutty strata.

Canarias Serena Brazilian Yerba Mate

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