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Canarias (Traditional) Yerba Mate Review

Canarias Traditional Yerba Mate Review

Origin: Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sol (RS), Brazil
Producer: Canarias S.A.
Type: Gaucho
Product: page

Grown in Southern Brazil for the world’s largest consumer of mate, Uruguay, this butter smooth gaucho variety is bursting with creamy, malty flavors. The typical gaucho cut of small leaves and plenty of powder makes for medium/full body yerba.

Canarias yerba mate is chemical free and aged for up to six months, making this a clean and bright yerba. An interesting interplay between a strong flavor and light mouthfeel makes for a unique drinking experience.

There’s a natural milkiness rounding out any lingering sharp notes. Milky dark hot chocolate, Ovaltine, toasted oats, Guinness Stout, and almond milk come to mind. Robust and earthy meets clean and crisp. Relaxing and calming energy. Those seeking strong tastes and calming effects will appreciate Canarias Traditional.

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