It’s a late night and I’m finishing a liter of yerba mate. I’m using a Cyprus Cup and enjoying Canarias Traditional (yellow bag) blended with peaches. The water temperature is 150 degrees fahrenheit. As an Entrepreneur, I need something that’ll keep me on my toes without crashes and jitters (unlike coffee). I’ve experimented with nootropics […]

From robust, full-bodied, and muscular, to soft, gentle, and light, there’s a yerba mate strength for everyone. But what do I mean by “strength”? Well, today we’ll discuss strength in terms of effects, both mental and physiological—how yerba mate affects the mind and body. Though, many a seasoned mate drinkers have come to know that […]

So we’ve already gone over some of the general types of yerba mate as well as introduced chimarrão erva mate during an online mate circle. Today let’s further explore the differences between Gaucho Mate (Uruguayan) and Chimarrão (Brazilian). You’ll also learn how to prepare a delicious chimarrão mate, which takes a bit more patience and […]

Like wine, yerba mate tea ranges from simple to complex. Materos, yerba mate connoisseurs, enjoy discussing the many flavors, personalities, and nuances of this ancient holly plant from South America. Below the video, you’ll find markers for each brand discussed, where you can easily jump to any segment in the video. 1.25 mins — Kraus […]

Cleaning your yerba mate gourd is today’s topic. Let’s discuss a few ways to quickly clean your essential yerba mate tools, or what I refer to as “mateware.” Which includes your traditional yerba mate gourd (or cup), your yerba mate straw (known as a bombilla), and, of course, some good yerba mate (the loose-leaf herb). […]

If a yerba mate gourd had a best friend, it would undoubtedly be the tried and true yerba mate thermos. Used to keep the mate water hot at the perfect temperature of around 175ºF, any serious mate drinker knows never to leave the thermos behind. Whether you’re preparing mate in a french press or teapot […]

Five years ago if you mentioned a bombilla (pronounced bom-BEE-yah or bom-BEE-sha), I would’ve said “bomb what ya!?” Ah, yes, memories… but new and seasoned mate drinkers alike have come to respect this sacred straw used to draw the infused yerba mate from our trusted mate gourds. It’s an indispensable tool, not easily parted from […]

Some people call me insane for thinking this way, but not too long after I started drinking mate, I realized that this herb wasn’t so different than any other food or drink that has complexity, depth, richness, and subtle flavors so faint that you’d miss them if you weren’t embracing the experience. Think of fine […]

Slimy, green goblins with a thousand eyes. Endless rows of purple cats teetering across the fence. Your dead grandmother sitting at the kitchen table asking you how your day was. Free falling a million feet from a cliff in India. These are visions of dreams. They are just as real as in our waking life; […]

That moment when you heat the water just perfectly, taking great care not to bring it to a rolling boil. That instance when you place the bombilla ever so snuggly on the bottom of the gourd, on that godly angle. That sensation when you take that first hot sip, mate rolling down you entire body […]

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