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Cleaning Your Yerba Mate Gourd

Girl with yerba mate gourdCleaning your yerba mate gourd is today’s topic. Let’s discuss a few ways to quickly clean your essential yerba mate tools, or what I refer to as “mateware.” Which includes your traditional yerba mate gourd (or cup), your yerba mate straw (known as a bombilla), and, of course, some good yerba mate (the loose-leaf herb).

Compost your Yerba Mate

Yerba mate makes fantastic fertilizer and compost. My plants can’t get enough of this superfood. The perfect way to continue the cycle of life, after several nourishing and energizing servings of mate from your traditional gourd, toss your used mate into a heap of compost in your yard. You can also directly add yerba mate to house and garden plants.

Now watch how your plants begin to glow.

Rinse your Mate Gourd and Bombilla

Gently rinse your mate gourd with warm water. Use a spoon or gently use your bombilla to scrape out any debris.

With mild soap, wash your bombilla. Optionally, boil your bombilla for about 5 minutes once a week to completely sanitize the interior (this is known as Curing the Bombilla).

Let your Gourd Dry

Now place your gourd in a dry and well-aerated location. It’s always a good idea to cycle between 2–3 gourds, allowing each to become bone-dry before next use. This resting period will ultimately extend the life of your gourds.

What is Yerba Mate Tea?

If you’re unfamiliar with yerba mate, it’s a nutrient-packed holly plant from South America. From natural clean energy to a boost in mental clarity and physical endurance, yerba mate is the ultimate tea of health and wellness.

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