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Eco Teas Yerba Mate Review

Eco Teas Organic Unsmoked Yerba Mate Tea ©Circleofdrink Inc. 2017Origin: Santo Domingo Savio, San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Mate Revolution Inc. > Eco Teas
Cut: Very Clean Cut > Minimal dust and stems
Body: Light
Cycle: Short
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Organic USDA > Unsmoked
Water Temp: 160–175ºF / 70ºC

Eco Teas is the leading provider of loose leaf yerba mate in the United States. In partnership with the Kraus family in Argentina, their mate is organic, fair trade, and leverages the same smoke free technology used by the Kraus factory in Misiones, Argentina.

Though sourced from the same Kraus mate fields, there are distinctions between the Eco Teas and Kraus Pure Leaf versions. The former has a slightly cleaner cut, less powder and stems, giving in a more polished appearance and lighter body.

On the spectrum of traditional tea, Eco Teas is closer to a strong black tea with a bit of milk and Kraus is on the side of a strong and sharp (over brewed) green tea, without milk.

Eco Teas clearly comes in less contact with the distinct Kraus factory terroir, scents, and nuanced flavors, which may mean it’s aged less than Kraus — the bite and astringency are less developed, as experienced with longer aged mates.

Eco Teas Organic Unsmoked Yerba Mate Tea ©Circleofdrink Inc. 2017

This makes sense if Eco Teas sought to develop a version of mate that’s less bitter and more muted in character, arguably more appealing for the nascent North American mate palate.

There’s more woodiness going on with the Eco Teas PL, giving it a softer and slightly sweeter air. Both versions are excellent brands for introducing mate to someone, as they lack the explosions of bitter green flavors found in Classical Argentina brands like Mission, Cruz de Malta, and Rosamonte.

For the more seasoned Materos that expect a strong kick from their mate, Eco Teas may be a few notches too light. With a relatively neutral body of herbaceous notes, this mate is suitable for blends, particularly with citrus and mint.