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Fede Rico (La Mejor) Yerba Mate Review

Fede Rico La Mejor Yerba Mate ReviewOrigin: Canindeyú, Paraguay
Producer: Río Itambey S.A.
Cut: Gaucho
Body: Medium / Full
Cycle: Long
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Organic

Aggressive and blunt, this mate is anything but soft and friendly. Dark chocolate, tobacco, smoke, steel/metal, cement, and wet stones all with a high caffeine content, makes this a formidable Paraguayan mate. Oh, and its also certified organic.

Fede Rico’s La Mejor (without palos) isn’t playing any games, with this rather stolid and squarish varietal. If you want something that tastes and feels strong, without too many frills and roses, then this gets the job done like a true warrior.

Don’t expect too much class and elegance from this direct-line mate. Nevertheless, I still consider this a complex mate, as the tastes do evolve rather gracefully from piercing and astringent to those, more familiar, soft, malty, nutty (toasted almonds), and sour notes typical to the Paraguayan mate dynasty.

With a long cycle and bold full body, this sort of mate fills a gap between quality and quantity: it’s not the best tasting but it’s quite efficient, both in price and stimulating effects.

Fede Rico La Mejor yerba mate review