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How to Prepare Yerba Mate Tea

Preparing yerba mate with dave mateThat moment when you heat the water just perfectly, taking great care not to bring it to a rolling boil. That instance when you place the bombilla ever so snuggly on the bottom of the gourd, on that godly angle. That sensation when you take that first hot sip, mate rolling down you entire body as though you’re getting an internal massage.

Yes, such is the ritual of preparing yerba mate the traditional way, with a mate gourd (plant based vessel to contain the herb), bombilla (straw), and thermos (container to keep water hot).

But you need not worry, the traditional method of preparing mate may come to you later as your experience evolves. For others, preparing mate with a gourd is the only way.

Below, Dave Mate, Yerba Mate Expert, shows how to prepare yerba mate tea.

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