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Kraus Silvestre Yerba Mate Review

Kraus Silvestre Yerba Mate Review by Yerba Mate Land 2017Origin: Santo Domingo Savio, San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina > Lote 306
Producer: Kraus S.A.
Variety: Classical Argentine
Body: Light
Type: Blend
Cycle: Short Medium
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Conventional
Water Temp: 150–165ºF / 70ºC
Reviewed: 3-13-17

You dirty, dirty, dirty rascal, you! Kraus Silvestre isn’t your clean and classy peppermint blend. It’s a downright choppy, rustic, old and musty barnyard minty experience.

Amongst the cadre of minty Argentine mates — Cbsé, Cachamate, La Cumbrecita, Verdeflor — I appreciate Silvestre’s off-the-beaten-path swagger the most.

Absent of artificial flavors and paying homage to the rustic simplicity of mate and mint.

However, there’s a prevailing disharmony. The sharp peppermint alongside the aged woody and nutty flavors produces an awkward flavor profile — clumsy and odd, lacking bright and crisp clarity you’d expect from a mint medley.

The blend wants to be a minty experience, but that funky, earthy Kraus terroir dominates the mint, hushing it to an anemic, feeble position. It’s like a weak handshake from a body builder.

Kraus Silvestre Yerba Mate Review by Yerba Mate Land 2017

Introducing a citrus element could be the blend’s saving grace, cutting through the confusion adding some pop and character. If you’re a fan of subtly sweet and rustic mates with quirky characters such as Amanda Campo, Andresito, Cabral Compuesta, Canarias Serena, Nobleza Gaucha CS, Venzá, and Roapipó, maybe this is your go-to mint blend.

Intriguingly weird and breaking the mold of traditional Argentine mint blends, Silvestre definitely isn’t your typical hierbas serranas fusion.