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La Merced de Campo Yerba Mate Review

La Merced de Campo Yerba Mate Review ©Circle of Drink Inc 2017 Origin: Corrientes, Argentina
Producer: Las Marias
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Medium / Full
Cycle: Short / Medium
Aged: Up to 12 months
Grown: Conventional

Campo in Argentine Spanish means countryside. Many Argentines living and working in the country’s capital, Buenos Aires, escape to their country homes each weekend to unwind.

In Argentine fashion, there’s a jubilant buzz, whistling kettles, local foods, plenty of warm hugs, mates flowing freely (of course!), and freely soaking up the fresh country life.

Sipping Campo, I’me transported to the farmland, the hills, the days spent outside enjoying time with good people. Las Marias captured this feeling quite well, expressed in the rustic, foresty, campfire, and cherry character of the mate.

La Merced de Campo Yerba Mate Review ©Circle of Drink Inc 2017

There’s that classical Argentine taste, but with a deep country swagger. Interwoven elegant and rustic and rougher flavors, where wood, grass, and bitterness meet some floral and softer tones. A peat moss, cherry chocolate cake with subtle layers of clay, minerals, and dew.

Drink with cold water to experience brighter notes. With hotter water, you’ll accentuate the forest elements, bringing you closer to a refined Cruz de Malta, La Tranquera, and Rosamonte.