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La Rubia Yerba Mate Review

La Rubia Yerba Mate Tea ReviewOrigin: Obligado, Paraguay
Producer: Eugen Junghanns
Cut: Hybrid
Body: Light/Medium
Cycle: Medium
Aged: 24 months
Grown: Organic

Paraguayan mate has no interest in painting within the lines. This highly eclectic mate is packed with the most unusual flavor combinations: marshmallow, graham crackers, tobacco, cherry pie, cement, cedar, and sweet dough offer an intricate mate experience, to say the least.

Deep layers of light smoke, chewy leather, rich malt, and mineral-laden clay come together quite elegantly, without overwhelming your palate. Drinking this mate with lower temperatures, around 160ºF / 71ºC allows for the natural fruity sweetness to shine through the muscular richness.

Those that appreciate smoky tobacco notes, brew this mate around 175ºF / 79ºC to accentuate the intensity. And there’s no doubt, with some natural sour notes, that La Rubia makes for one of the best iced tea or cold brew mates.

La Rubia, translated as “The Blondie,” is shrouded in mystery. Her seductively light fragrance of syrupy pine and sugar-coated cookies entice your finer senses…then BAM! She hits you with all the richness and complexity that you weren’t expecting. And so the courtship goes, from sweet to robust then back to sweet again. What a tease, eh?

La Rubia Paraguayan Yerba Mate Tea