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La Tranquera Yerba Mate Review

La Tranquera Yerba Mate Review

Origin: Los Helechos, Oberá, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: J. Llorente y CIA. S.A.
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Full
Cycle: Medium
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Conventional; Lote 27C
Water Temp: 160–180ºF

There’s a love-hate relationship with La Tranquera. You either admire a strong, burly, and robust mate, with elements of coffee, espresso, tobacco, and roasted oats, or you don’t.

I’m not surprised how polarized this popular brand has become. The strong flavors either suck you in or push you away, without much nuance in between. Don’t expect to contemplate the subtle fruitiness and refined soft tones of this yerba—there aren’t many. La Tranquera’s statement is simple and direct: I am Bold.

La Tranquera Yerba Mate ©Circle of Drink Inc.

Bold, you are. Both in body and effects. With the lead stacked up heavily on each side of the bar, La Tranquera dominates your palate into a heavy and bitter place. Strong green flavors laden with thick and chalky minerality and black soil. Scents of manure and damp farm morning add to the robust swagger. For sure, this is a rustic and rough-around-the-edges mate, not afraid to display attitude.

If Liebig is sweetly tucked away in Soho, La Tranquera is well past 90th street, folks.

Even the cut — a wild cacophony of monster, splinter, and normal palos scattered in a sea of rough polvo and irregularly shaped leaves — makes for a spartan and homespun air.

La Tranquera with Dulce de Leche

And it works for this mate. The mate tastes like how it looks: unsophisticated and strong, with stalwart and reliable high-energy effects.

Go green or go home! says La Tranquera.