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Mañanita Yerba Mate Review

Mañanita Yerba Mate Review ©Circle of Drink 2017Origin: Corrientes, Argentina
Producer: Las Marias
Cut: Classical Argentine > Heavy on stems
Body: Light
Cycle: Short/Medium
Aged: Conventional
Grown: Campo y Monte (countryside)
Water Temp: 155–170ºF / 70ºC

Sunny and convivial, Mañanita has a bright and snappy green body. Classical Argentine mate, without a doubt. Strong herbaceous and nutty tones with a crisp, brine-y, grassy foundation – subtle lemon, grape peels, tart, and floral notes on the finish.

Solid medium body with a high amount of stems makes for a milder Argentine mate, somewhere between La Tranquera on the super-strong-robust side and Piporé Traditional on the milder-sweeter spectrum.

Mañanita specially selects the leaves for this brand, from their “campo and monte” growing areas, which roughly translates to “countryside.” Yes, I can see that. Like La Merced de Campo, this mate shares some of the rustic, mildly smoky notes, typical of the campo & monte category.

Mañanita Yerba Mate Review ©Circle of Drink 2017

Now we can see with Campo y Monte, as with the Hierbas Serranas category of minty and zesty flavors, Argentines have created a set of informal groups of mate to describe certain flavors and leaf origin distinctions, as well as methods for curing the mate (barbacuá).

Knowing these categories helps you better understand different forms of Argentine mate. As with Mañanita, the “Campo y Monte” faithfully signified a slightly smoky and unrefined flavor profile, which worked well to balance the solid green body.

Being the largest Argentine mate company notwithstanding, Las Marias knows how to produce a fine repository of brands, from their gourmet La Merced line to their pleasantly quirky Unión Suave.

If you appreciate a softer Argentine mate with a Piporé-La Tranquera twist, Mañanita is worth exploring.

Mañanita Yerba Mate Review ©Circle of Drink 2017