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Matecologica Erva Mate Review

Matecologica Yerba Mate Review Origin: Coronel Bianco, RS (Rio Grande do Sol)
Producer: Indústria Salet LTDA.
Cut: Chimarrão – Native Brazil
Body: Light/medium
Cycle: Short/medium
Aged: None
Grown: Organic – Ecocert S.A.; USDA

Lemony, bright, clean, and grassy all in one. This richly verdant chimarrão is pleasantly herby—it has almost this oregano asparagus thing going on; pretty neat. Grown organically in Southern Brazil, it shares a lot of the creamy and malty characters of most classical ervas found in the region–reminiscent of Ximango Traditional but more herbaceous, making for a slightly stronger green profile.

Citrus undertones dance with muted zaps of ginger snap cookies and super subtle cinnamon-nutmeg punctuations, while spryly green notes dominate the palate with a vibrant wash of nature’s nutrifying chlorophyll and foamy saponins.

I get a strong feeling that this mate is packed with health benefits—there’s this primordial energy that produces a lucidity of mind. Erva mates radiate a calmer vibe than their Argentine counterparts.

The acute green factor of this erva may be its greatest downfall for the neophyte Matero; but for the seasoned drinker, there’s plenty of fun ahead with a tetris-like feeling of positioning floral notes within a dank green body.

This was a fun, and challenging, mate to explore.

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