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Nobleza Gaucha Consecha Seleccionada Review

Nobleza Gaucha Cosecha Seleccionada Yerba Mate Review by Yerba Mate Land © 2017Origin: Corrientes, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Molinos Río de la Plata S.A.
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Medium > Rustic > Campo-esque
Type: Consecha Seleccionada (special selection)
Cycle: Short / Medium
Aged: Natural
Grown: Conventional

Beautifully quirky and edgy, Consecha Seleccionada’s well balanced acidity, astringency and rustic air shows a vibrantly crispy mate that’s complex and elegant.

The flavor profile isn’t as seamless and consistent as Nobleza Gaucha Despalilada (red bag), but that’s precisely why I appreciate it more. Stability isn’t always a good thing, as it can borderline on boring (think: Amanda Traditional).

Nobleza Gaucha Special Selection Yerba Mate Tea Review

Maneuvering between bright green notes with tinges of soft floral sweetness and subtle mineral and clay elements, we have a complex mate with impressive layering and depth.

On the nose you’ll appreciate ripe banana and banana peels with hints of sweet fried plantain, butterscotch, brown sugar, soft rubber eraser, wet stones, and a “monte y campo” effervescence that takes you on a stroll through the hills and forest.

Nobleza Gaucha Special Selection Yerba Mate Tea Review

Lovers of dry and snappy mates with soft fruity elements will appreciate this brand. It lives somewhere between and amongst Kraus Orgánic, Roapipó, La Merced de Campo, with a bit of the smokiness and earth felt in Andresito.