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Roapipó Orgánica Yerba Mate Review

Roapipo Yerba Mare Review ©Circle of Drink 2016
Origin: Santo Pipó, Misiones, Argentina – Lot 31
Producer: Yerbatera Roapipo
Cut: Classical Argentine – Rustic
Body: Light / Medium
Cycle: Short
Aged: Conventional
Grown: OIA Organic

In the world of herbal teas, we have those blends or single herbs that simply taste good. Apparently Mother Nature has sharp palate, designing tasty things such as zesty mint, sweet and earthy rooibos, and delicacies like honeybush, rose buds, lemon verbena. Other teas and blends aren’t necessarily crafted for taste, but for their nutritional prowess. Think ashwagandha, ginkgo and holy basil — powerful herbs, sure, but don’t necessarily give off an air of savory and exquisite.

Then, at times, we find some herbs that clearly have a mediciney taste profile, but taste really good nonetheless. In general, I’ve always looked at mate as a whole in this category: mate having a naturally bitter taste, but with time and practice, we begin to coax natural sweetness and delicate flavor profiles buried beneath the surface.

Roapipó is a archetypal example of a mate with a rustic, choppy, mediciney profile. As the cut looks, with uncoordinated shaggy palos of eclectic sizes, salubrious portions of palo dust and pulverized leaves amidst an non-uniform leaf cut, this hyper-local brand tastes as primal as it looks.

My first experience with Roapipó was lackluster; I thought it flat, insipid, and overly steely — too heavy on the mineral and woody profiles. But after spending some time with this organic yerba, it began to reveal a surprising sophistication and shrewdness.

It’s a quirky flavor palate, but there’s still rhyme and reason to be found. Layers of sweet and floral subtitles lie right beneath the gourd, easily masked by a palate initially fooled by a dominantly herbaceous and woody opening.

Once the entire picture is formed, we experience a well-balanced mate that tastes medicinally rich with a surprisingly sappy and nectar-like counterbalance.

Roapipo Yerba Mare Review ©Circle of Drink 2016