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Romance Yerba Mate Review

Romance Yerba Mate ReviewOrigin: San José, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Gerula S.A.
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Medium
Cycle: Short
Aged: 9–12 months
Grown: Conventional

Buttery, smooth, soft, and slightly sour, you’d think Romance was a Paraguayan mate. But don’t tell that to an Argentine Matero, lest you catch some hell. Nothing like that Argentine pride!

Founded in 1963, in San José, Misiones, Romance is totally Argentine. Aged upwards of one year while many mate companies in Argentina are in the process of removing aging altogether, the prize quality of this yerba is its buttery smoothness. It glides down the palate like ice on a skillet. Light hints of lemon cake add a tinge of sweetness to the chewy, leathery body.

The flavor composition is suffering from disharmony, with creamy smoothness bumping against a strong green body. Elements of clay, cardboard, and chalk suppress brighter notes beneath the surface, such as lemon, green apple, and cake.

Romance Yerba Mate Tea from Argentina

As the cycle transitions the softness accentuates. Overall, the cycle is disappointingly short. Had there been more personality and flavor cohesion, I could’ve forgiven the rapid cycle, as with Liebig and Unión Suave.

A simple mate with very little to say. That, in itself, may be interesting to many a Materos. The lack of sharp edges and astringency could appeal to new drinkers not accustomed to the harsher side of mates, as found with Rosamonte and Taragüí.