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Sara Extra Suave Yerba Mate Review

Extra Suave Sara Yerba Mate TeaOrigin: Valle de Iguazú, Brazil
Producer: CARRUA & CIA S.A.
Type: Gaucho
Product: Page

While Sara Traditional resides securely close to Earth, Extra Suave floats amongst the clouds with an ethereally light clay, leather, charcoal essence. Not as bold, with skinner dimensions, this rustic – Old World feeling — gaucho mate is delicate and robust at once.

Hints of chewy leather, mineral, wet stones, and rubber glide across a silky light body. Generous amounts of chopped leaves break open the subtle sweet flavors and toasty aroma, offering good contrast to the heavier woody components. A plump, soft-natured gaucho varietal with complexity, depth, and buoyancy.

Great mate if you’re just easing into gaucho mates. Learn more about the different types of mate here.

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