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Sara Tradicional Yerba Mate Review

Sara Tradicional Yerba Mate

Origin: Valle de Iguazú, Brazil
Producer: CARRUA & CIA S.A.
Type: Gaucho
Product: Page

Take the sweetness from Piporé, the malt from Canarias, and the rich grassiness from Del Cebador, and you have Sara Tradicional.

Pleasantly tart with hints of oak on the finish, there’s a complexity there. Unlike most gaucho varietals, which are normally lack bright herbaceous flavors, Sara retained more chlorophyll, producing strong green tea characters.

The finish shows some graham cracker and raw cacao notes, with just a scintilla of natural sweetness. Opting to include more stems and whole leaves allows for the sweetness to travel through the heavier particles, helping to balance bold and soft characteristics very well.

Sourced from various of growing regions throughout the Iguazú Valley located on the Brazilian / Argentinian border, where the soil is fertile and the wildlife abounds, this little well-known brand shows versatility and movement both in body and flavors.

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