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Taquapy Erva Mate Review

Taquapy Erva Mate ReviewOrigin: Restinga Sêca, RS (Rio Grande do Sol)
Producer: Ervateira Taquapy
Cut: Chimarrão – Moída Grossa (Coarse Cut)
Body: Light
Cycle: Short
Aged: None
Grown: Conventional

Taquapy isn’t your standard Brazilian Chimarrão. Toasted doughy flavors with a nimbus of cinnamon and caramel popcorn sweetness captivate the palate with each cycle – there’s a sort of back and forth between herbaceous and floral signatures.

But this mate makes you work for it! Like most ervas, it takes time and experience to begin unfolding the cascades of flavors. This isn’t the case with aged mates that have had time to develop more distinct and easily detectable characteristics.

Taquapy Erva Mate (Yerba Mate) Review

Bold elements of milk chocolate, toasted bread and oats, and cacao are enveloped in a piquant marina of algae and seaweed. There isn’t anything that shouts out at you here, just a soft, smooth sailing undercurrent of wispy green deliciousness.

Chimarrão is closer to the white tea spectrum than traditional mates from the Misiones region of Northern Argentina, with bolder, more astringent bodies (think: Rosamonte Especial).

With no hint of bitterness coupled with excellent subtle and complex notes, this mate, albeit relatively unknown outside of Rio Grande do Sol, can surely give Ximango a good run for your bombilla.

If you can find this little gem, give Taquapy a taste.