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Taragüí Traditional Yerba Mate Review

Taragui Yerba Mate Tea

Origin: Corrientes, Argentina
Producer: Las Marias
Type: Classical
Product: Page

As the prototypical mate of Argentina, 60% of the country drinks Taragüí. Not too strong and certainly not lacking flavors, this Corrientes-grown variety is a safe selection.

Before sipping, enjoy the feathery whiffs of sweet bread, whole grains, Raisin Bran, peaches, and sweet potatoes. But don’t expect this mate to taste like it smells. Expect that grassy, tangy, and vegetal essence, so emblematic Argentine mate philosophy.

Taragui mate tea

The light body and flimsy structure represent a simple mate, without much depth and complexity. Nothing too extraordinary going on here. Nevertheless, you’ll receive a nice kick in the butt with high energy effects.

The asparagus and green tea components couched in a soft doughy base may appeal to seasoned Materos outside of South America — perhaps not on par with Canarias and Rosamonte, which show more diversity and character — but new drinkers looking for a starting point should consider this popular brand.

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