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Titrayju Yerba Mate Review

Titrayju Yerba Mate ReviewOrigin: Oberá, Misiones, Argentina
Producer: Cooperativa Río Paraná
Cut: Classical Argentine
Body: Medium; Barbacuá (traditionally smoked)
Cycle: Short
Aged: 18 months
Grown: Conventional

Using the traditional barbacuá method of smoking the mate for up to a day, allowing it to absorb complex smoky flavors, Titrayju is a pleasant small-batch produced mate from a modest cooperative in Oberá, deep in the Misiones — the Argentine heartland of yerba mate production.

Cooperativa Río Paraná includes over 1000 families who aren’t just producing sugar cane, stevia, corn, mate, and more, but harvesting social justice and social good. The brand chose the name “Titrayju” to signify their three core beliefs: land, labor, and justice.

Land to produce and sell their own goods; work, to be able to identify with a chosen trade; and justice and fairness in all matters of life. With every sip of this steely, smoky, solidly vegetal tasting yerba, you’re helping to support a small group of families that banded together to support their own community.

Direct exposure to flame and prolonged mingling with smoke, produces an earthy, robust, rustic green experience. Smoky and charred effervescence linger on the palate.

The edgy sharp green notes balance with underlying refined flavors, as the smoke smoothens out a stouty green body. Since the mate has been aged for over a year, naturally accentuating caffeine levels, the effects produce high energy and alertness.

Juan Carlos Dominguez, the Commercial Manager of the co-op refers to his brand as gourmet and fine crafted. I must admit that it took me a solid week to begin to agree with his statement. Getting past the smoke revealed highly complex elements that are floral, toasty, citrusy, and soft.