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Venzá Yerba Mate Review

Venzá Yerba Mate Review by Yerbamateland.com
Origin: Apostoles, Misiones, Argentina > Lote 90
Producer: Establecimiento Don Nicolás
Cut: Classical Argentine > Rustic
Body: Medium
Cycle: Medium
Aged: Unknown > Most likely several months
Grown: Unknown

The region Alem is legit mate territory in Northern Argentina. A small city bouncing with verve and buzz, peppered with mate drying and sorting facilities, sprawling green tea and mate estates — and during the harvest season between the months of June to September — mountains of mates packed onto old-fashioned trucks like burlap sack pyramids piercing the horizon of mottled skies and blood orange earth.

Some tart and tang, soft marshmallow and clays, rich and rusty minerality, walk-in-the-damp-forest woody essence, pleasantly light smoke, barnyard, hay, fresh sawdust, patina of citrus, this mate is like a sophisticated, well mannered La Tranquera.

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Oberá, Alem, and all these little cities in the province of Misiones are anything but organized and shimmering with modernity. There’s an ancient air in this territory, so remote from the polished Paris of South America, Buenos Aires, some 12 hours south by car.

Mates, like Venzá, Roapipó, Titrajyu and Andresito all share that same Old World, rustic, raw, super-local mate spirit of the region.

I consider these mates the remaining craft varieties in an ever-increasing market of commercialized brands that have sacrificed taste for speed-to-shelf, vis-á-vis accelerated aging process which cuts the natural maturing period of 9 months down to a mere 30 days, usually at the expense of refined, deeper flavors. This is okay for mate designed for blends, but, as many traditional growers would agree, doesn’t bode well for superior tasting mate.

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