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Verdeflor Hierbas Serranas Yerba Mate Review

Verdeflor Hierba Serranas Yerba Mate Review ©Yerbamateland.com 2016Origin: Misiones & Northeast of Corrientes, Argentina > Lote 3
Producer: Cordeiro y Cia S.R.L.
Cut: Blend > Mountain Herbs: poleo (pennyroyal), menta (mint), cedrón (lemon verbena), tomillo (thyme)
Body: Medium > Strong mint
Cycle: Short / Medium
Aged: Mixed > Natural 10–12 months minimum & Accelerated 30–60 days
Grown: Conventional

The province of Córdoba is the source of Argentina’s mountain herbs, locally known as hierbas serranas. Pennyroyal, spearmint, peppermint, lemon verbena, and thyme all fall into this colloquial category, usually accompanied with natural flavoring, as found with CBSé and Cachamate’s version of these minty blends.

Then there’s La Cumbrecita which appears, like Verdeflor, not to include any natural flavoring, as both brands have no such mentioning on their packaging.

Verdeflor Hierba Serranas Yerba Mate Review ©Yerbamateland.com 2016

All of these brands are similar in taste, body, and cycle. The ones including natural flavoring tend to be on the harsher side, with more biting astringency. La Cumbrecita does a good job with a smoother taste profile than CBSé and Cachamate, but Verdeflor takes it a step further, with a appreciatively more harmonious blend than all other hierbas serranas mates I’ve experienced thus far.

With a strong and direct mint clarity, Verdeflor’s identity is well defined. It’s so easy to muddle the flavors when dealing with several herbs, but in this permutation, harmony is achieved.

The prominent mint-forward body is brightened with a mild zest from the thyme, adding more depth and dimension, with notes of sage, oregano, coriander, and all sorts of Thanksgiving garden spices.

Verdeflor Hierba Serranas Yerba Mate Review ©Yerbamateland.com 2016