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Ximango Tradicional Erva Mate Review

Ximango Erva MateOrigin: Ilópolis, RS (Rio Grande do Sol)
Producer: Ximango IND. De Erva-Mate LTD.
Cut: Chimarrão – Native Brazil
Body: Light
Cycle: Short
Aged: None
Grown: Conventional
Product: Page

For the untrained palate, Ximango Traditional is nearly identical — in body and taste — to its premium counterpart, Ximango Special Reserve (Reserva Especial). The discernible difference lies in the smoothness factor: while both mates show good levity of body, brightened by a crispy clean grassiness, Traditional has more of a bite and less suaveness.

Ximango takes no great effort in explaining the difference between the two styles, only noting that the Special Reserve comes from “a selection of the best native yerba mate plants.”

For the mate aficionado, such subtleties, as thin as they are, are important. On the nose, you’ll still experience wonderfully soft bready and oaty depth, with a patina of marine salt. Slightly less creamy than the Reserve, the flavor is richer with dark chocolate essence and lingering hints of Whoppers candy, marshmallow, Lucky Charms cereal, Ovaltine maltiness, and dark hot cocoa.

Notwithstanding the robust nature of this mate, it’s still a light body with a relatively short cycle — patented characteristics of local erva mate eponymous of the Rio Grande do Sol, Southern Brazil.

Each sip is an expression of sylvan elements, clearly telling the fecund soil and earthy terroir of the region. All it takes is one sip to recognize that Brazilian malty creaminess.

Ximango Traditional Erva Mate

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