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Yerba Mate Helps You Lucid Dream

lucid dreaming with yerba mate tea

Slimy, green goblins with a thousand eyes. Endless rows of purple cats teetering across the fence. Your dead grandmother sitting at the kitchen table asking you how your day was. Free falling a million feet from a cliff in India. These are visions of dreams. They are just as real as in our waking life; neurologically speaking, there is little difference between being awake and sleeping. And to think, most of us don’t even know we’re dreaming…(you could be dreaming right now!)

But what if you were able to recognize the absurdity of your dreams? What If you could see beyond the illusions and realize that you are, in fact, dreaming! Imagine being aware that your body is safely tucked away in bed and, here you are, in some new world where you’re now fully in control.

This is called lucid dreaming.

Is it just me but since I started drinking yerba mate 4 days ago I been dreaming more often and having vivid dreams…
—Ivan Hernandez

I couldn’t tell you when I first begun lucid dreaming, only that I’ve been able to achieve lucidity while asleep for as long as I could remember. When I was younger, I wasn’t aware of the term “lucid dream.” I only knew that 1. I was able to remember my dreams upon waking and 2. There were times when I recognized that I was dreaming and was able to proceed within the dreamscape (the world of the dream).

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Those that are able to lucid dream, whether by conscious effort or not, have attained a level of awareness that’s accessible to all but realized and honed by few. We all dream each night—several dreams, actually. But most people don’t remember a thing. And those that say “I never dream,” actually are dreaming, but aren’t able to remember.

Being able to remember your dreams is the genesis of capturing awareness and expanding consciousness. When we sleep, our minds work on the problems we’ve faced during our waking hours. Whether you are aware of this or not is irrelevant to this problem solving mechanism that occurs each night. However, being aware of the dream and taking control during the experience, can far enhance these problem solving scenarios.

I once had a lucid dream where I decided to fly to space. What I saw was incredible. Stars, galaxies, moons, and outer-worldly objects. It was like swimming in a Van Gogh painting. I awoke feeling insanely creative with a billowing urge to express myself with art and science and business. The lucid dream led to a creation of work that may not have occurred had I not been lucid.

When I drink about 1 Liter right before bed I can actually recall dreams, which I normally don’t, and they are very vivid. I love it. —Clark Lewis

Being lucid throughout your dreams allows you to see how truly powerful you are. It supports the quantum physics notion of zero point location: defying the idea of being stuck in only one place at a time. You realize that you aren’t just a body with five senses, but a spiritual being that is only limited to how wide you can imagine.

Even being on Earth is an illusion if you come to terms that you are beyond the physical body, but a body that’s IN a spirit or whatever you wish to call it.

How Yerba Mate Tea Enhances Lucid Dreaming

Scientifically, we don’t know exactly how mate helps you to lucid dream. We only know, anecdotally, that mate does help improve the chances of a lucid dream occurring as well as enriches you current level of lucidity throughout your dreams.

Apart from the many physiological health benefits of yerba mate—fighting colon cancer, decreasing high blood pressure, reversing osteoporosis, decreasing the negative side effects of junk food, etc.— there are many psychological benefits such increasing wellbeing, improving concentration, inducing a creative clarity of the mind, and simply enhancing your everyday lucidity in waking life.

I hypothesize that these same psychological benefits carry over to the dream state. They are not limited to waking consciousness. Plants that share the same genus of yerba mate, ilex, have long been used traditionally to explore the understanding our minds and how we live.

Indians in Ecuador have use Guayusa, a cousin of yerba mate, to enhance their abilities of dream analysis, allowing them to better understand their life’s direction. Native Americans on the East Coast have use ilex vomitoria, a relative of yerba mate, as a tool to help young tribe members enter into adulthood during the right of passage. And in like ways, yerba mate has been used by the ancient Guaraní Tribe of the Paraná as a holy plant of great strength and spiritual vitality. It was at the cornerstone of their lives.

How to Start Drinking Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate (pronounced yer-BAH mah-TAY) may be something novel to you. Naturally, most people are skeptical of anything new. The short story is that mate has all the benefits of green tea, plus astonishingly more. It gives you the alertness of coffee, minus the harsh jitters and crashing effects. Many scientists have declared it as the most nutritious plant on Earth.

You can make yerba mate just like you would loose leaf green tea, out of an infuser, french press, or teapot. Or you can go the traditional route and drink it from a gourd and bombilla—both ways are explained on this page.

After a few days of sipping yerba mate, stop by our facebook group and share your stories with us. If you experience anything even closely remote to what I have from yerba mate, both spiritually and the health benefits, then you’re in for a ride.

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